Amitriptyline and alcohol effects

Thank you all for your posts.  I have read all of them multiple times and conducted plenty of other research.   The posts are most insightful.  I am in the same club as most everyone else.  If nothing else, it is very encouraging to know I am not alone, and there is a vast array of great ideas and suggestions being shared by those similarly situated.  I would urge everyone to keep the ideas rolling in.  Fifty minds are certainly better than one.Like everyone else, after one to two drinks, I experience an excruciating headache.  Mine always occurs on the right side of my head.  It will often “move” from the back of my right eye, to the side of my head, to the back of my head, and back and forth, all on the rights side.    It does not matter what type of alcohol, a mixed drink with vodka, beer, wine or even Irish Cream in coffee.  I am 44 years of age and exercise regularly.  I have endured this with regularity now for almost two years.The pain is so severe that I cannot sleep.  On some occasions, I literally have to walk it off.  It usually lasts two hours or longer, but eventually subsides.  I never wake with a hangover or suffer a lingering headache the next day.  It is always more prevalent of an evening.  Of late, I often suffer mild headaches now when I don’t drink at all of an evening, but drinking definitely exacerbates them in a major way.  My symptoms seem to me synonymous with “cluster headaches”.
Amitriptyline and alcohol effects
  I enjoy a drink or cocktail after work, and I do not want to quit drinking or limit myself to just one drink.Water helps as does aspirin, before, during and after.  But this seems to offer no cure.  I quit smoking for three weeks thinking this might help, but it did not.  Alcohol brought on the same attacks.I dread going to a doctor but finally broke down and did so.  He has done everything right based on the symptoms presented, but with only limited benefit so far.  An MRI came back fine as did blood tests.  At first, the doctor prescribed Topimarate, also used for seizures.  This just made me groggy.  He then prescribed Propranolol daily, a beta-blocker, along with Imitrex (Sumatriptan) to be taken with the onset of an attack.  The Propranolol has had to no effect after three weeks or so.I have only taken the Imitrex three times now, with some success.  The first time I took one with the onset of a headache, it seemed to work miraculously!   In fact, I just kept right on drinking my cranberry and vodka well into the evening with no problems.  The last two times I tried it, it seems to have reduced the duration of the headache by approximately half, but was by no means a fix.  The jury is still out, but I am somewhat encouraged with Imitrex.I am still experimenting as it appears everyone else is.  I have made a couple of observations that might prove helpful to some.  It seems there is a “threshold” headache period I must break through, after which I seem to be OK to drink with no side effects.  My threshold period is invariably of an evening.I have noticed if my adrenaline level is really high, or I am excited when I begin drinking, such as meeting up with close friends I have not seen in a very, very long time, I seem to more readily get through the threshold period.   I can then drink right on into the evening.  Also, if I am active when I have the first drink or two, such as standing, walking, talking, moving (as opposed to just sitting still), I can get through the threshold period just fine.  If I drink the first drink or two very slowly over a period of time, particularly while remaining active, I can get through the threshold.  Drinking earlier in the day seems to help (although it is not frequently that one wishes to drink early in the day).  On one occasion with the onset of a fierce headache, I forced myself to drink so much water to the point of vomiting.  Oddly enough, twenty minutes later I could drink without any side effects.  Finally, and probably of most benefit, eating light high carbohydrate foods, such as a couple of hotdogs or bread with peanut butter 30 minutes before I start drinking really seems to help.  Once I get through the “threshold period”, I seem to be fine and I can just keep right on drinking, even moving on to stronger mixed drinks later into the evening.This is what I have found works for me, but I am still actively testing the waters to get a grip on this thing.  Like others, this has been a very frustrating dilemma, and I will continue to experiment and learn.
See also: Arthritis pain medications. Just make informed choice about what you put in there.Garbage in =garbage out…,,,,,  depaends on the brand but most chocolate bars are pure sugar, and posion, mabye a little bit of the actual chocolate (if lucky)…

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